Wanted: marketing manager

In order to support our strong growth, we are looking for a marketing manager at Headquarters in Erpe Mere, Belgium.

Qbus Automation = increased peace of mind with decreased energy consumption.

Qbus develops hardware and software that make the electrical installation of residential and commercial buildings intelligent. The Qbus products increase the energy-efficiency of these buildings and the peace of mind of its inhabitants. A Qbus system is Easy (to install, use, support), Flexible (any switch, smartphone, PC, tablet) and Futureproof (modular, extendable)

Qbus Automation = increased peace of mind with decreased energy consumption.

Eco Dashboard

É possivel visualizar, analisar e controlar os seus consumos, temperaturas e niveis de CO2 entre outros através do EcoDashboard.

Eco Dashboard

Interruptores Inteligentes

Os interruptores SWC04 da Bticino, Niko ou CJC possuem uma placa de circuito impresso integrada cheia de inteligência electónica.

Interruptores Inteligentes

Qbus news

Summer Holidays

Our offices are closed between July 21 until August 1st. For urgent technical support, please call our pay number 0903/90.007. We wish you a great summer break.

New version Qbus System Manager III (3.12.3)

The new version of the Qbus System Manager is online. This new version includes updates for the DALI module and contains additional functionalities for the Stand-Alone dimmers (memory function).

Tastu®: the capacitive touch switch in fingerprint-proof glass

With the Tastu® switch range, Qbus enters the world of design. These Tastu® switches are fingerprint-proof: a special coating prevents that fingerprints remain on the glass. Just as with the other Smart Qbus switches, color leds allow that the color of the touch areas can be defined based on the preferences of the customer.

Qbus - DMX Interface

From the ledstrip in the kitchen to creating the right atmosphere in the lounge bar. With the Qbus DMX interface, the right color can be chosen via the colorwheel in the Cloud, or the light level and color of the hotel facade can change automatically based on time, daylight, temperature,...

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Porquê Qbus?

Instalação fácil

Sistema baseado num bus de 2 condutores sem polaridade que permite arquitectura em circuito fechado, arvore ou estrela...

Eficiência Energética

Termóstatos embutidos nos interruptores inteligentes, aquecimento multizona, ventilação baseada em niveis de CO2... E gráficos de todos os consumos, temperaturas, níveis de CO2, etc

Juntamente com o WebServer (TCP/IP)

Utilizando plantas ou grupos no Ecrã táctil/computador portátil ou através do web browser no seu iPhone/IPAD/dispositivo Android pode visualizar/controlar o estado de toda a sua casa.